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Married Women Looking For Men
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Women Looking For Married Men
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Six Reasons Why Women Cheat - different from men?

Why do women want married men?

The sex is hot. Just like a lot of men, many women crave sex. As a result, when some women meet a man that they have an undeniable sexual attraction to, they rush forward and pounce. Although it's not always admitted to, this is one reason why some women just can't let a married man go. They love the sex and, as a result, refuse to end the relationship.

She doesn't think it's hurting anyone. Have you ever heard the saying what you don't know won't hurt you? This is a statement that some females who play the role of the other woman live by. They feel that as long as nobody knows, especially the wife, what they're doing, it's okay. As a result, this woman will never stop seeing the married man until things blow up.

She needs to feel powerful. When Monica Lewinsky slept with the President of the United States it probably lifted her self-esteem and made her feel powerful. It's a trap women fall into who like to sleep with high-profile men. They get their energy and life from an accomplished man instead of finding other ways to build themselves up.

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