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There is no exact method to figuring out if a woman is looking for a one night stand. You kind of just have to go with the flow! However, most of the time, you can tell what a woman is looking for just by how she is dressed, and how she carries herself.

If a woman is dressed to show off her body, there are two possibilities. Either she wants attention, or she wants to pick up some guy, go to his place, and get it on! Figuring out which of the two she is trying to accomplish can be quite difficult, but the best way to find out what she is looking for is to read her body language.

A great place to find woman that are interested in one night stands is at concerts. Concerts serve alcoholic beverages, and there is something about a good music that gets most women excited! Just be careful that the girl that you are targeting isn't already with someone! The easiest way to find a women looking for a one night stand is on the internet.

The best place on the internet to find women looking for one night stands is Fling.

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