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Why Women Cheat

Since 2004, the number of women seeking only an intimate encounter has risen from 9 to 19 percent. Women have secret lovers, primarily because they’re not getting their needs and desires met in their marriages. Try as they may, wives are often unable to reach their husbands. Feeling stifled, unfulfilled, frustrated, and helpless in their marriages, they step outside of their marriages. Taking the step is in itself empowering. The affair is a daring active choice, not a more of the same passive response.

Another reason of cheating in women is a sense of insecurity. When a relationship starts a woman wants to feel secure in every matter of her life. If a man is incapable of providing that security or he's not man enough to cater for all her needs and demands, then a woman will go out and seek other relationships. So they discreetly join onling sex dating websites to fulfill their desires.

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