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Women Over 50 Looking For Young Men
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What on earth could an experienced, secure, and independent woman want with a younger man? The reasons are many, bu tmost of them want SEX. It's a common misconception that an individual's sexuality declines as people get older. While the amount of time and energy available to pursue it may decline, the interest is still there. Women over 50 tend to have more of both compared to their male counterparts, and so it is natural that they might look to a younger, more energetic man to fulfill those kinds of needs. While the younger lovers may not have as much experience, they make up for it with enthusiasm and usually the woman has enough knowledge of what her needs are to get them met one way or another.

Another reason older women want a younger man is the tendency for men to divorce the women they married who were the same age as they were, and find a trophy wife to start a new family. One reaction many women have is to try and find a younger man to both make themselves feel more attractive and also to show their ex that they can find younger, stronger, and often more virile men to replace them.

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