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Married Women Looking For Men
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Young Women Looking For Older Men
Why women cheat?

Younger women want older men for a variety of reasons. Older men are more witty and confident than younger men. Most women really like conversing with mature, intellectual and witty men. This is another reason why younger women find older men attractive. Older men have a more sober and refined sense of humor which a lot of women find extremely attractive.

Older men also provide a sense of security and stability which women, irrespective of their age find extremely appealing. Subconsciously every woman is looking for security and stability in a relationship. Older men generally know how to handle their cash. You won’t be dining at five stars one day and then eating the cheapest items from your local grocery store the next. Older men have been through a lot of financial ups and downs and are generally prepared for the worst. Also, older men are not as impulsive as younger men. Being impulsive is great, but not all the time. If you are in a relationship with an over-eager and overly impulsive younger man, chances are you will probably get sick of it soon enough.

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